Hanoi students establish food bank
  • | Tien phong, dtinews | August 28, 2015 10:13 AM

A group of students in Hanoi have begun collecting leftover food at local restaurants in order to provide it to needy people.

The project was started in August 2013 based on the World Bank’s Global Foodbank concept. Initially, the project had only five members, but now, the number has grown to 30, with more than 300 contributors.


A poor woman living under Long Bien Bridge offered the food from the project

The project members collect left over food from local restaurants, supermarkets, food production companies and other sources and then distribute it to the poor on every Wednesday and Saturday.

The beneficiaries are mostly live in poor residential areas, under bridges and by Red River or disabled children at care centres.

This food bank model is quite common in many countries, however, it remains a new concept in Vietnam, so the project initially faced difficulty due to a lack of co-operation by local restaurants, and doubts by the local authorities' about the quality of the food. The members had to take photos of their distribution process to persuade the restaurants that their food was actually given to the poor.

To date, the project has offered food to over 600 people and works with 36 restaurants. Thin, one of the beneficiaries, said that thanks to the project, her family members have more sufficient daily meals.

A project representative said that "We aim to expand our operation to other big cities so that all the poor across the country will be well-fed”.

Minh, owner of Minh Hai Blackberry restaurant, said that the project only not encouraged people to save food but also help to protect the environment. He hoped that other project of this kind would be set up.

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