IT training programme for disabled people proves major success
  • | | December 16, 2015 04:00 PM

A Catholic Relief Services (CRS) programme in Vietnam has underlined the fact that disabled people can achieve good results in computers and IT and find work in the field.


A computer science class graduation ceremony

Dinh Thi Nguyet, inclusive education programme manager at CRS, talked with Dan Tri about IT training for people with disabilities during the 2007-1015 period. She said most of the participants had hearing, visual or mobility impairments. Many people with Down’s syndrome have also joined the programme. The programme currently has 1,450 participants, with 60 percent already successfully finding employment.

Nguyet said, "When they are supported, disabled people are wholly capable of doing jobs that have high incomes. More importantly, they become more confident and suit the lifestyle in big cities like Hanoi or HCM City."

She went on to say that the common belief was that disabled people could only do manual labour, but in fact, information and technology helps them earn better incomes.

In order to help disabled people find jobs, CRS has held various conferences with companies in Vietnam. "Over 100 companies said they had hired disabled people because of their own skills and abilities," Nguyet said.

According to Nguyet, graphic designers earn a monthly salary of VND3.5m (USD160) to VND7m while programmers can take home over VND10m. Many people were able to open their own companies and then help other disabled people.

"State agencies should communicate more with firms and show the benefits of hiring disabled people. Before starting any training programme, we must be sure that there are workplaces and demand for that kind of job," she said.

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