Readers help little boy fight heart disease
  • | | April 02, 2016 03:34 PM
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Dan Tri readers have sent over VND640 million (USD29,000) in financial support for a 10-month-old boy in Quang Ninh Province who has been suffered from heart disease.


Le Thanh Dat

Le Thanh Dat was diagnosed with the congenital heart defect Tetralogy of Fallot when he was 20 days old. Le Thanh Huu, Dat's father works part-time at a ship-building yard for VND2-3m a month which is only enough to cover his son's milk and some necessities. Stress has left Dat's mother unable to produce milk.

Dat's father said, "Many people visited us in hospital and helped cover everything for his heart surgery."

However, the surgery is postponed because Dat is currently suffering from severe pneumonia. Dr. Tran Dac Dai from Cardiovascular Centre - E Hospital in Hanoi said, "We have to treat him for pneumonia first. If his health recovers quickly then we'll carry out the surgery next week."


Dat's family receives donation

Dat's father was surprised while receiving the donation. "We only wished to have enough money for the surgery. We have never dreamt of getting so much help like this even though the doctors said we would have to spend a lot after surgery."

Dat's father then donated VND150m to six unfortunate cases published on Dan Tri and another VND150m to help children with disadvantaged backgrounds at the cardiovascular centre.

"If there is anyone in urgent need of our help, we'll share with them immediately," he said.

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