Family struggles against illness and poverty
  • | | September 19, 2016 11:57 AM

A family in An Phu District, An Giang Province is calling for help to treat the father's heart disease and support four children's education.

The families of Kieu Van Ngung and Tran Thi Viem are so poor so they depend on fishing and extra jobs in various places including Ho Chi Minh City and Binh Duong Provinces to earn a living. They said because of a lack of education, they had some unwanted pregnancies and have four children together.

After their youngest child was born, Ngung fell sick because of heart disease but chose to stay home as they could not afford hospital treatment. Their children have to take care of each other while their mother collects scrap.

"I'm happy if I earn VND100,000 (USD4.54) a day. Sometimes, it rains and we don’t have enough food for the whole family to eat that day," Viem said.


Viem collects scrap for a living

Dang Thi Thep, Viem's neighbour, said, "Their family is poor yet has so many children. The husband is sick too so we sympathise with their situation. We often give them rice, fish or vegetables. They still try to keep the children in school despite everything. We feel really sorry for the youngest child. Her mother has to leave her home to find work even though she is only three months old."

Their house has also deteriorated and has holes in the ceiling and the walls. Viem said they had borrowed VND5m to build a tiny house by the highway as a motorbike repair shop for her husband. However, the children still mostly live in the dilapidated house because of fresh air and quieter environment.

"People often tease us that we're the richest household in the village for having two houses. But sometimes I cry when thinking about it. I can't give my wife and kids a proper home," Ngung said.


The family lives in a dilapidated house

Ngung said he had cleft mitral valve since birth. When he was small, his family didn't have money to go to hospital and when he grew up and worked hard to support his own family, his condition worsened. After the youngest child was born, he often faints and has become even weaker but can only depend on herbal medicines to get by.

Nguyen Thi Thanh, vice chairwoman of Phu Hoi Commune said, "They are the poorest household in the area. Viem is shouldering everything from supporting the children's school tuition fees to her husband's medicines. We listed them in the preferential loan programme to build new house, but VND25m (USD1,100) is a huge debt to them so they decided against it."

Ngung said if he had money, he would save it up for their children.

"If my wife has to take care of four children alone, they may have to drop out of school and face hunger. It's such a pity if I have heart surgery, spending all the money, and yet my illness can't be cured," he said.

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