Readers help little girl fight against blood disorder
  • By Thien An | | December 22, 2016 09:09 AM
 >>  Small children struggle against illness

DTiNews readers have funded treatment for a seven-year-old girl in Lang Son Province who is suffering from beta thalassemia.


Trung receives donation

Nine-year-old Pham Hoang Anh and seven-year-old Pham Hoang Minh are the oldest children of three siblings. They are being treated at the National Institute of Haematology & Blood Transfusion in Hanoi for beta thalassemia.

When giving birth to the youngest child, their parents had hoped that they could save both children. However, only Minh was a match for her sister's umbilical cord blood. Even with insurance, the cost of the operation is over VND400m (USD18,000), more than her family can afford.


Over VND300m donated by various individuals and organisations

Pham Nam Trung, Minh's father, said he had to take leave from work to take care of them. His wife is a nursery teacher and her wages are only enough for their daily meals. They have borrowed from everywhere and put their house up for sale but haven't found a buyer.

"When the story was published, many people called and visited us. The youth unions of Lang Son Province and Chi Lang District also visited. My old co-workers came to help us," he said. "We were given over VND400m, enough to cover the cost of treatment for Minh."


Seven-year-old Pham Hoang Minh in hospital

DTiNews readers have donated VND100,300,000 (USD4,400) to the little girl.

Trung said he had never thought that their family would receive so much love from total strangers. He said he now believed in miracles.

"Minh hasn't been released so she can't meet everyone right now. I can only say thank you to everyone. We'll do our best to restore her health," Trung said.

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