Readers donate to help orphaned children
  • By Minh Tham | | January 19, 2017 01:00 PM
 >>  Grandparents call for help

Dan Tri Newspaper has transferred over VND95m (USD4.2m) in donations from readers to support an old couple and their three grandchildren in Bac Ninh Province.

The representative of Dan Tri and the authorities of Doan Thuong Village, Xuan Lam Commune visited and transferred the donation to Nguyen Thi Thuan's family.


Donation transferred to Thuan's family

Thuan said the mother had a stroke and died suddenly while working at a factory last year and the father left their family while the children were still infants.

Thuan is suffering from epilepsy and her condition has worsened since the death of her daughter while her husband lost his right hand after a labour accident. The oldest child has already dropped out of sixth grade to find work to support the family.

Despite their age and health, Thuan and her husband still wake up early to sell fish and vegetables at the markets, hoping that their grandchildren don't have to permanently drop out.

Thuan was moved receiving the VND95,260,000 donation.

"I'm really grateful for everyone's kindness and support. I don't know what to say, but thank you," Thuan said. "We'll use this money to raise the children and pay the school tuition. His mother would be happy because there are so many kind people care for us."

Nguyen Kim Can, party secretary of Doan Thuong Village also expressed gratitude and hoped that Dan Tri will continue work as a bridge between the donors and the needy.

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