Tet presents sent to orphaned children
  • By Nguyen Hanh | | January 25, 2017 11:16 AM

DanTri Newspaper gave Tet presents to orphaned children in Can Tho Province named by the newspaper’s editor-in-chief Pham Huy Hoan.

The children were abandoned by their parents and are now being cared for at Long An Pagoda in Can Tho City. Many of the children will start first grade next year.


Orphaned children at Long An Pagoda receive donation

"They were born without parental love and guidance so when they start first grade, they will live in the dormitories to be closer to teachers and friends which will help them in their development," Monk Dieu Minh said.

The pagoda currently provides VND6m every month to raise the children. In the coming time, they will have to call for help to pay school tuition and other expenses.

A DanTri representative transferred VND3m along with other items including food to the children.

On the same day, the representative also visited the parents of a Khmer ethnic family who had twins that had lived in Can Tho City.

The older brother, Ly Tinh, had kidney failure at four years old. At that time, their mother was pregnant with twins and they couldn't afford the treatment. DanTri and its readers have helped the family overcome the difficulties. Dan Tri Newspaper's editor-in-chief Pham Huy Hoan named the twins My Nhan and My Ai after they were born in 2009.

Three years ago, the family moved to Soc Trang Province to escape poverty. Their grandparents are looking after the house in Can Tho City.


Tinh's grandmother said the family had moved to Soc Trang Province

In 2010, with the help of DanTri, an abandoned baby named Nhan Tam by DanTri's editor-in-chief was adopted by an infertile couple in Hau Giang Province.

After receiving the new year gifts, the family expressed gratitude to all the readers who have helped Tam.

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