Charity spots for poor people in Hanoi
  • | | April 15, 2017 12:53 PM
Many locations that offer free things such as water and old clothes for poor people have been set up on Hanoi streets.

Free water

There are many free water bottles put up on the pavement in Hanoi, from Hang Bong to Hoang Cau and Ton Duc Thang streets. Street vendors or scrap collectors can drink water for free during hot summer days.

Hoa, a 40-year-old woman from Thanh Hoa Province, said, "A glass of water or tea is cheap but I can't afford to buy water several times a day. So I remember free water locations like this to fill my bottle for the day. I'm really appreciate those who set up the bottles and help me save some money."

Truong Thanh, home owner on Hang Bong Street said he bought the bottle and put it at the Hoan Kiem Lake previously. But then he decided to just put it at his front door. Thanh plans to offer free bread for poor people next year.

"I'm not doing this for fame or any other purpose. I simply think that everyone wants to receive kindness. If they drink water here then they have already received my kindness. I hope if they ever plan to do a bad thing, they will remember my kindness and stop," he said.

Last year, about 30 bottles were consumed in a day during the peak of summer. Thanh said many people were shy and reluctant to drink the water before the news spread out.

"I don't think of this as charity, just a kindness. I feel rich by their smiles and their thanks," he said.

Free electric bike charging stations

Electric bike recharging stations have been set up on Thai Ha, Dien Bien Phu and Ba Trieu streets since last year. Besides the printed manual, there are also attendants at each post in case the bike owners need help.

The project is the work of the Boo fashion brand and Before All e-bike brand in order to encourage the public to use clean energy. Some 15 to 20 people use the charge daily, most of them are students and the elderly.

Boo store manager Nguyen Thi Hien said, "We don't do this for advertising but just to encourage more people to use e-bikes and other clean energy."

Free clothes

Set up since early 2017, the outdoor wardrobe on Nguyen Chi Thanh Street has become well-known to many disadvantaged people in the city. People that have old clothes can come here to donate them.

There are clothes for all ages and seasons donated. The key of the wardrobe is kept by a street vendor nearby. However the wardrobe is too small compared to the number of donated clothes that many clothes are piled up on the pavement.

The people come here are mostly poor labourers and having new clothes is a luxury to them. Lan, a 75-year-old woman, finally found a pair of shoes that fit her. She said, "I don't have money and have to depend on community's kindness. I'm too old and can't find any fitting clothes here but I'm glad to find a good pair of footwear."

The wardrobe is set up by Ao Quan Tu Thien charity group. The group members are young people.

Hoang Thi Xuan, a group member said, "For many people, they're just thrown away clothes but for the poor, they could be a kind gift that help them overcome difficulties."

According to Xuan, many kind people want to donate clothes to the poor but don't know how. While there are poor people in need of proper clothes but they don't want to beg or feel ashamed when being given gifts. This wardrobe will be a destination, a bridge to bring warmth and happiness to the poor.

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