A disabled pupil with miraculous feet
  • | HCMC Police Newspaper | December 26, 2009 11:05 AM

Born without arms, he has never become a burden to his family. Despite his disability, he still helps his parents to do house work.

We paid a visit Ho Huu Hanh’s house on a very hot day. There were only two beds and a table in the house. We were amazed at our first image a 10 year old boy without any arms sweeping the floor. He kept the brush with his neck. After a while, the floor became spotless.

“Are you Hanh?" We asked. “Yes I am. Please have a seat,” said Hanh while making tea for us with his feet.

Hanh can write very beautifully with his feet...

His mother began to tell us about her disabled son. Her husband had become an Agent Orange victim when he was working in the fields. Hanh is her second son. 20 days after she gave birth to him, she found he had lost both arms when she bath him for the fist time. She was devastated, collapsed to the ground, and cried daily.

... combing

His mother never expected that he could grow up as normally as other kids; even though he did not have as many diseases as his brothers did. She would cry when she saw her son rolling over, sitting by himself. Impressively, Hanh can eat with his feet in a proper manner and can do personal duties on his own. Beyond that, he can also help his parents to clean the house, wash dishes, prepare meals and pull up grass from the fields. Surprisingly, Hanh is able to bicycle with his neck and shoulders to go to school which is 3 kilometeres away from his home.


... and sweeping

Hanh insisted on going to school but his parents did not want him to because they did not think that he would be able to write and worried that his classmates might laugh at him, taunt him or hurt him. But Hanh never gave up. When his parents went to work, he secretly went to school with his friends but just stood outside to watch from the window. A teacher felt pity for him and allowed him to attend the class.

Unexpectedly, after a short time, he could write with his feet, not only write, but write very well. “My classmates write with hands so my teacher can help them but I do not have that benefit because I write with my feet, so I just have to do it by myself. My teacher encouraged me and said I did very well.” Hanh told us. In addition to studying hard, he can sing very well and was assigned to attend a singing contest by his school.

Hanh also studies very well. “Hanh writes very beautifully and is good at all subjects, especially at mathematics. He sets an example for his classmates.” said Quyet, Hanh’s head teacher. “He studies very hard. He often studies 'till 2AM. He also spends time teaching his brothers at home.” said Hanh’s mother.

Despite his disabilities, Hanh has tried his best to be an excellent pupil. He dreams that one day he can be a computer engineer because he loves computer's and he can do that job without arms.

There will be a lot of difficulties in the future but hopefully his dream comes true with his strong mind, determined work ethic, great efforts and energy.