DTiNews readers support little girl struggling with retinoblastoma
  • By Huong Hong | | February 17, 2018 12:57 PM

DTiNews readers have donated VND203 million (USD9,227) for a little ethnic minority girl in the northern mountainous province of Tuyen Quang who is struggling with retinoblastoma.

Vu Thanh Ha, three years old in Ham Yen District’s Yen Phu Commune, has been living with the disease since she was born.


The little girl struggling with retinoblastoma

The girl has been living with the disease since when she was just more than one month old. After detecting unusual signs on the daughter’s eyes, the couple took her to local hospitals and then the National Hospital of Ophthalmology where she was diagnosed with retinoblastoma in both of her eyes.

When she was three months old, doctors at the hospital advised to remove her left eye and after the operation, the girl had to take radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Despite efforts by both doctors and her family, finally, her right eye was also removed last July.

After the article about the girl’s condition was published on Dantri/DTiNews, many readers provided financial support for the girl.

The girl’s mother Pham Thi Hoa expressed her great thanks to DTiNews readers for their assistance to help ease her family’s difficulties.

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