Readers help build new house for disabled couple
  • By Pham Hoang | | November 24, 2018 08:16 PM
Life of a disabled couple in Gia Lai Province has improved greatly after they received help and a new house built with the donation from Dantri/DTiNews readers.


Hong's old and new house (left to right)

Ngo Van Hong said, "Our living condition was very poor just a few months ago. I lost both of my hands. Luckily I was able to find a job as a gardener to support my paralysed wife. But our house was dilapidated and I didn't know what to do to buy medicine for my wife and for our meals."

Hong also lost a foot and is blind in one eye. His wife, Do Thi Tuyet Mai, was paralysed after having a stroke. Their son who is still in primary school was at risk of dropping out of school.

Hong said after their story was published, many people have called them offering encouragement and made donations. The Fatherland Front of Chu Pah District visited and gave them VND45m (USD1,900) while the representative of Dantri transferred to them VND130m from readers' donation.

"Youth unions, many organisations and neighbours helped us build the VND120m (USD5,100) house," he said. "The house was estimated to cost over VND180m but thanks to everyone's help that the construction became much cheaper. We were given a fridge, washing machine and tables and chairs."

Hong said he would deposit the rest of the money to take care of his wife.

Nguyen Thanh Hong, vice chairman of Hoa Phu Commune, also expressed gratitude for the help to disadvantaged cases in the area.

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