Readers donations come to ill children
  • By Nguyen Duy | | April 16, 2019 07:56 PM
Dantri/DTiNews has transferred VND240m (USD10,300) in donations to support two poor families in Nghe An Province.


Nguyen Vinh Tuan and family receive readers' donation

Dantri representatives and Nguyen Cong Chuc, chief of Yen Thanh District People's Committee's office, visited the family of Nguyen Vinh Tuan who is in need of financial support to help save his wife from heart disease and his two-year-old daughter from cancer.

Their debts had grown to VND200m (USD8,600) and they already sold everything they could. Each trip to the hospital in Hanoi costs them at least VND4m in hospital charges, let alone the travel and accommodation fees. The neighbours often give them encouragement but they are also too poor to help.

Dantri readers have donated to the family a total VND152,180,000 (USD6,500) to help him treat his child and wife. Tuan said he was moved upon receiving the donations.

On the same day, Dantri representatives also visited Nguyen Thi Thanh Huyen's family to transfer VND89,960,000 (USD3,800) to help treat her two children.


VND89,960,000 (USD3,800) donated to Nguyen Thi Thanh Huyen's family

"They were healthy when they were born. But after a short time, their limbs and the whole body's muscles stopped growing. Doctors said they had spinal muscular atrophy because of genetic mutation. Their health got worse," she said.

Huyen's 8-year-old son weighs only 7kg while her 2-year-old daughter can't stand up or move around. They are also vulnerable to respiratory and digestive diseases. Huyen hopes to be able to bring her children to the US for treatment.

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