Dantri supports flood victims in Thanh Hoa
  • By Duy Tuyen | | August 08, 2019 05:24 PM
 >>  Man loses six family members in Thanh Hoa flood
Dantri/DTiNews has sent donations to local people in Thanh Hoa Province who suffered losses caused by floods and landslides.


Many houses destroyed in the flood

The flashflood in Thanh Hoa Province has isolated many villages and destroyed dozens of houses.

Sa Na Village in Na Meo Commune, is one of the hardest-hit villages with over 300 villagers and most of them are Thai ethnic group. The flash flood on August 3 swept away 20 houses and destroyed 12 houses. 10 people have been killed or gone missing including three children. As of now, the search and rescue team has found two bodies.


Dantri/Dtinews reporter (left) gives donations to Ha Van Van

According to the villagers, they have never seen such a damaging flood in the past decades. Ha Van Van was working in Thanh Hoa City when he was informed that the flood had swept away six members of his family.

"The flood rose really fast. My son was swept away 4km. Luckily, someone noticed and saved him. But my parents-in-law are still missing. I've lost everything including three motorbikes," said Vi Thi Hoa, a villager in Sa Na Village.

Many people were only able to take their children and ran into the forest.


Nguyen Vu Long, director of Hong Thang Company, donates VND200m to the flood victims in Quan Son and Muong Lat districts

On August 7, the representative of Dantri Newspaper in Thanh Hoa visited and gave VND45m (USD1,900) to the families of the flood victims in Sa Na Village and VND10m to two families in Son Thuy Commune, Quan Son District.

Vi Dinh Quyet, deputy head of Na Meo Commune, said, "Many people have lost their houses, belongings and family members to the flood. We are working with other agencies and organisations to help the villagers. The donation is a huge help and has important meaning during such time. I want to express deep gratitude on behalf of the local authorities and villagers."

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