Woman with facial deformity gets help from readers
  • | | January 31, 2020 02:00 PM
 >>  Woman with facial deformity calls for help
A woman has seen her life changed after receiving support from the community to fix her deformed face.


Nguyen Thi Sau and Dr Vu Quang Vinh (L to R)

54-year-old Nguyen Thi Sau said she fell into a cooker when she was six years old. She survived but her tendons and skin shrunk so she couldn't turn her head around. Her face also deformed with the teeth on the lower jaw pointing out of her mouth. She could hardly speak afterwards.

Since then, Sau has depended on her mother for everything. Feeling ashamed of her appearance, she has rarely left the house in nearly 50 years. Sau said her burn marks suddenly worsened and she often has a stomach ache. However, they only have enough money to buy herbal medicines.

Thanks to the help of Dantri readers, Sau had been able to go to the National Institute of Burns to rearrange her teeth before Tet.


Nguyen Thi Sau

"I visited everyone in my village this Tet," Sau said. She has smiled and talked more often after having dental surgery. Many scars on her neck were also erased. Her villagers were also amazed at her changes, saying that it was like a miracle.

"Sau is able to turn her head now, and her teeth look good too," Hoa, a neighbour of Sau said after seeing Sau's new look.

After Sau's story was published, many people have called to offer help. Nguyen Gia Tien, director of the National Institute of Burns, is one of the kind readers who offered to help Sau have a new life. On August 27, 2019, she went under a five-hour operation led by Professor Vu Quang Vinh, director of the Centre of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, National Institute of Burns.

After that is a dental operation led by Dr Trinh Duc Mau, director of Vietnam-Germany International Dental Centre. Sau said everything felt like a dream to her.


Nguyen Thi Sau before the dental surgery

"I couldn't believe that I would have today. Now I don't have to be afraid of going out and scaring other people," she said.

Nha, Sau's mother, said, "I feel so happy seeing her visiting other people during Tet. I don't know what to say to express our gratitude to everyone that helped us."

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