Readers help family support ill child
  • | | February 06, 2020 02:06 PM
Dantri/DTiNews has sent over VND100m from readers' donation to support a poor family in Quang Tri Province to cure their child who has hydrocephalus.


Ho Mai Thang and his family

Ho Mai Thang's two children were born healthy, but their second son became sick and had seizures quickly after being born. He was diagnosed with hydrocephalus at Hue Central Hospital.

They borrowed from friends and family for his treatment. He was treated five months at the hospital and went through two operations but his condition got worse. His head has continued to get larger and larger and while he is being weaker to the point that he can only lie in bed.

In 2015, his wife, Tran Thi My Hanh, started losing her vision. Doctors said she had Glaucoma but it was discovered too late.

On January 21, Dantri representative transferred VND42,500,000 (USD1,800) of readers' donation to Thang's family. On February 5, Dantri representative and the localities authorities in Ho Xa Town visited Thang's family again. Nguyen Thien Tung, chairman of Ho Xa People's Committee transferred another VND59,400,000 of donation to Thang.

Thang said thanks to everyone's help that they were able to enjoy the happiest Tet Holiday for years after suffering from illnesses.

Hanh, Thang's wife, said, "After our story was published on Dantri, many kind people have reached out to us. I couldn't believe that we'd receive so much help. You have given us more strength to fight illnesses."

Tung also expressed gratitude to everyone who helped Thang's family.

"I hope Dantri will continue to connect readers and other cases in the area that also are in need of help," he said.

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