Poor mother in desperate need of help to save ailing son
  • | | February 10, 2020 06:00 PM
A poor woman in the central province of Nghe An is calling for financial support to help save her son who is facing a brain aneurysm.

Nguyen Thi Huong, 34, in Tan Ky District’s Dong Van Commune, said that his son Nguyen Van Truong, 14, has been facing brain aneurysm since October last year. When Truong was playing with his friends, he suddenly lost consciousness and suffered a convulsive fit. He then was taken to a local hospital.


The boy often suffers convulsive fits

Due to his severe condition, he was moved to the Vietnam National Children's Hospital.

After staying at the hospital for a period of time, doctors advised the boy’s parents to take him home to take medicine to help save the costs as the family is so poor.

However, just some days after coming back home, the boy continued passing out and the couple took him to hospital again.

He is now staying at home, but it costs up to VND10 million (USD434.78) for his treatment per day. He has to use an oxygen cylinder for breathing.


Truong and his parents

His parents have sold all of valuables to pay the treatment fees including their land use rights certificate which was used as collateral for getting loans.

Truong often falls into convulsive fits, sometimes three within an hour.

Some of the medicines he is using are not covered by health insurance, which has put a greater financial burden on his family.

Every night, his parents have to take turns to watch him.

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