Dantri readers bring help to terminally-ill father
  • | | May 19, 2020 02:49 PM
Dantri/DTiNews has transferred nearly VND90m (USD3,800) donated by readers to support a couple who both struggled with cancer in Thanh Hoa Province.


Le Van Bieu and his wife Le Thi Lien (R to L)

In 2018, Le Van Bieu found out that he had liver cancer. Even though he had gone through several operations and treatments, the tumour still spread to his brain, deforming one of his eyes.

Several months ago, Le Thi Lien, Bieu's wife, was also diagnosed with the last stage of stomach cancer. Lien refused treatment so that she could save money for her husband's treatment. She said her condition was too severe and desperate so she only asked for help for her husband.

"I don't know how long I can live but please save him. We have no money left," she said.

They had sold everything and put up the house as collateral for bank loans.


Bieu receives the donation

On May 18, the representative of Dantri and local authorities visited and transferred the money to Bieu. Lien had died several days ago. Bieu said before Lien died, she kept telling him to keep on living to take care of the children.

Bieu thanked everyone that helped them upon receiving the donation. He said he would fight against the illness with all he had to stay with his children as long as possible.

Le Tri Viet, head of Quang Hoa Fatherland Front, said, "Bieu is one of the most difficult cases in our area. When his wife was diagnosed with cancer, we had gone to every house to call for help for them. In over two hours, people donated VND13m (USD555) for them. Lien refused the money and said it should be used to treat her husband."

Viet also thanked the readers for their help.

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