Classroom for cancer children opened at K Hospital
  • | | June 10, 2020 08:47 AM
A special classroom for children suffering from cancer has opened on the third floor of K Hospital in Hanoi recently.


Classroom for cancer children opened at K Hospital

The classroom is named the Happy Classroom with hope that it will bring joy to all suffering children at the hospital. Many children there have not been able to go to school or touch a book for a long time. Their parents cried seeing the children enjoying the time like normal children.

The classroom was opened with help from the hospital doctors, nurses and volunteer teachers.

Dr Nguyen Ba Tinh, head of the social work office at K Hospital, said, "For children with cancer, their utmost desire is to continue studying. Some of them have to take a long absence from school while others are too young to go to school. We have called for help from local teachers and kind people to make this classroom come true. I'm really happy seeing them enjoying normal classroom activities."


A child patient and her painting

Van, a mother of a four-year-old child suffering from leukaemia said when her child was diagnosed with leukaemia two months ago, she thought that there would only be chemical therapy sessions day after day at the hospital for him. But now, he can play with other children and do colouring books.

"Once I told him we could complete this session and return to the nursery school, but he said he didn't want to because other kids will laugh at his swelling face," Van said.

When the classroom was opened on June 1, it has brought joy to both parents and children. Devotion from the teachers and specifically-designed lessons also help them to mingle with other kids very quickly.


Dr Nguyen Ba Tinh, head of the social work office at K Hospital

"Since then he often urges me to bring him to class," Van said. "Even when he felt tired after a session, he would be lively again when I told him that he could go to the classroom later."

Nguyen Thi Sen, grandmother of a 6-year-old patient said the little girl had had one leg removed as the tumour spread. She is in the last stage of bone cancer and only has months left to live. "Her parents divorced when she was only three months old. When she was four years old, she asked me to let her take English courses," Sen said.

When the classroom opened, they immediately registered to study there and it quickly became their favourite time there. Her paintings are put on display at Sen's rental room.

"They may be the only things my granddaughter leaves behind," Sen said. "She doesn't have much time left and I just want her to be happy."

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