Blind man gets help from readers to raise children
  • | | July 14, 2020 10:03 PM
Dantri readers have helped build a house for a blind man and his two children in Dak Lak Province.


Hoang Van Giang (middle) and his children and parents

Hoang Van Giang is blind since birth due to the effect from the Orange Agent. His father said he didn't know he had the Orange Agent until Giang was born.

Their family depends on the little monthly allowance which is just enough for daily meals. Giang collects grass for the cows for some income while his parents remove the tamarind shells for other people.

When Giang got married and had two children, he dreamt of building a house. However, after his wife died, his only wish is to let the children go to school.

After his story was published, many readers have offered him help. Many people have called him to give encouragement and financial support. A company which wished to remain anonymous helped them build a new house. He also has money to buy fish and build a new well to improve their living conditions.

"Dantri readers have donated VND120m (USD5,200) to us. I deposited VND100m to raise them and I'll use the rest to set up my own business," he said. "Thanks to the new house, we don't have to worry about rain or sun."

Hoang Van Cuu, Giang's father, said, "I haven't seen him that happy for quite a while."

Despite being blind, Giang still finds grass to feed the cows and raising the fish in a 1,000-square-metre pond so that he will not be a burden for other people.

"Thanks for your help that my children can go to school. I can only say thank you. I can't see any light anymore but I know my children's future will be brighter," Giang said.

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