Kangaroo Group donates VND412m to mountainous school
  • | | September 16, 2020 11:52 AM
Kangaroo Group has pledged to donate VND412m (USD17,700) to upgrade a primary school in Tuyen Quang Province.


Kangaroo Group pledged VND412m (USD17,700) to upgrade Linh Phu School in Tuyen Quang Province

Both students and teachers at Linh Phu Primary School are all afraid that the roofs of the classroom will collapse. After knowing of their difficulties, the representative of Kangaroo Group visited the school and pledged to provide better educational environment for the students.

Ngo Thanh Thanh Tu, runner-up of Miss Vietnam 2016 and wife of Kangaroo Group Chairman Nguyen Thanh Phuong, said, "We’ve seen the difficulties that the students and teachers have to go through every day. Today, as the representative of Kangaroo Group, I have witnessed the strong will of the students and teachers to pursue knowledge despite having to study in such dangerous conditions."


An overview of Linh Phu School

She went on to say that they have always wanted to work with Dantri, who have built many classrooms and bridges to help poor people, to bring support to students in needs.

"The quality of the buildings right now aren’t safe enough for the students to study in so we'll start the required procedures immediately in order to renovate two classrooms and a staffroom as quickly as possible. I hope the construction will be completed before any cold snap starts and the students will feel much warmer there," she said.

Mai Thanh Xuan, head of the Linh Phu Primary School said the classrooms were built since 1990 and had deteriorated badly.

"With this support, we can start to renovate the school immediately to ensure the safety of the students and the staff. Thanks to your companion, we don't have to worry about the classrooms falling down anymore," he said.

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