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National coaching council supports the dismissal of German coach
  • By Quang Vinh | | December 29, 2011 08:31 AM
 >>  New domestic coach possible, says VFF

Members of the National Coaching Council agreed with the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF)’s proposal to fire Coach Falko Goetz for U23 football team’s poor performance at the 26th SEAGames.

Goetz sacked 

On December 28 the council held a meeting to review the aptitude of Falko Goetz, head coach of the national football team.    

However, the council's Deputy Chairman, Le The Tho, along with Duong Ngoc Hung, member of the council, who strongly opposed the council's involvement in the decision did not attend the meeting.

Chairman of the council, Nguyen Sy Hien said, “We have reconsidered the Falko Goetz's style of working and recognise that he is not able to train and lead the U23 team. He has failed in terms of good strategy and made mistakes in assigning players to their proper positions. Because of this, we have decided to go along with the VFF in their decision to terminate his contract."

Hien also advocated the VFF’s plan to search for domestic coaches for U23. Among the candidates are Mai Duc Chung, Le Thuy Hai and Phan Thanh Hung.

Currently Goetz still plans to return Hanoi on January 4, after a holiday with his family in Germany. He showed some surprise upon learning of the meeting to consider his dismissal. But he has yet to comment.

Goetz signed a three-year contract with the VFF in April, 2011. If the VFF terminates his contract, Goetz would receive a considerable amount in compensation.

In related news, leader of VFF officially accepted a letter of resignation from General Secretary Tran Quoc Tuan, even though the VFF Executive Board members turned it down during a meeting on December 22.

Tuan said his decision to resign was not a bow to public pressure after the bad performance of U23 at the 26th SEAGames. He said that his replacement would be able to do a better job for the team and improve Vietnamese football. 

The VFF has not yet released any information about candidates for Tuan’s position.

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