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Vietnam’s Asia Next Top Model entrant falls foul of stringent rules
  • By Nguyen Hang | | November 23, 2012 05:04 PM

Thuy Trang, fourth-place  finisher in Vietnam's Next Top Model 2011, may be punished for attending Asia's Next Top Model in Singapore without getting approval.


Thuy Trang may be punished for her sex photo scandal and model rule violations

She has triggered public controversy after explicit photos of her with her South Korean ex-boyfriend were leaked on October 25.

After the scandal, Trang apologised.

Unfortunately controversy has followed Trang, as she was criticised for entering Asia's Next Top Model in Singapore without getting approval from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism’s Art Performing Department.

“Thuy Trang should be criticised for her sex photo scandal as it was considered as an ‘accident” and it belongs to her private life. However, she would be punished for violating occupational regulations,” Nguyen Thanh Nhan, from the department told Dantri/DTiNews on November 23.

Nhan reiterated that Vietnam currently insists that all Vietnamese nationals are required to seek approval from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism before competing in beauty pageants and model contests abroad.

After being informed about the incident, the department has requested the BeU Model Company that signed the contract with Thuy Trang to explain their actions.

According to Nhan, the company pledged to meet the department’s officials to discuss a solution but they had yet to arrange a meeting to date.

The department will continue to ask for the company’s co-operation, he added.

An undisclosed source said that the first episode of Asia’s Next Top Model would nevertheless be broadcast on Star World channel on December 25 with the participation of Thuy Trang.

Another source said Thuy Trang would be shortlisted in the TV show’s top 14 at the contest in Singapore.

Thuy Trang competing in Asia's Next Top Model in Singapore

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