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Comedy actors denounce counterfeit fraud
  • | Vietnamnet, | February 05, 2013 08:00 PM

Several Vietnamese popular comedy actors have complained to the Department of Performing Arts after some of their latest shows were illegally released for sale.


 Actors Tu Long, Quoc Khanh and Xuan Bac complained about the fraud

On January 30, well-known actors, including Tu Long and Xuan Bac made public their complaint with the Department of Performing Arts, who is responsible for issuing licenses for the producers.

The DMC Film Studio and Viet Sky, an art and events organiser, released a comedy 'The Golden Laugh 2' DVD-VCD for Tet 2013. They falsely advertised that Tu Long and Xuan Bac participated in the release and wrongly used the names of well known comedians Quoc Khanh, Quang Thang, Phu Don to attract customers.

The actors said the companies had received approval stamps of from the Departments of Performing Arts on the DVDs.

Xuan Bac said, "The comedy play named Ai So Vo Hon Ai (Who Is More Henpecked) is actually our group's Day Yeu Vo (A Lesson on How to Love Your Wife). The companies had illegally recorded it and released the DVDs. The DVDs have lousy quality and they could affect our reputation, not to mention they had violated intellectual property laws."

A series for Tao Quan 2013 that were supposed to be broadcasted on VTC television station had been edited down into a short comedy play.

Xuan Bac said actress Van Dung told him that she had once received a call from a producer that asked permission to use one of her comedy shows for their DVD. When she asked who else had agreed to make the DVDs, they answered they obtained permission from Xuan Bac and Tu Long.

"But we have never signed contracts with the company. These companies steal comedy plays from well-known actors," he said.

Meanwhile, Tu Long said Vietnam needed stricter laws and sanctions for such situations. The laws often consist of just a few million VND or carry the threat of revoking the firm’s operating license. However, the promoter only need to spend VND3 million (USD144) to set up a new company.

"We sent the complaints to the inspectorates of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as well as the Department of Performing Arts, Vietnam Stage Artists' Association and Hanoi's police but we haven't received any response. This is a serious fraud and needs to be dealt with immediately." Xuan Bac said.

He further said promoters have used their names to falsely advertise shows before, but this was more serious example of fraud.

According to Quang Thang, several actors in HCM City complaint they were tricked into performing by the same companies. The companies currently owe tens of millions of VND to them.

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