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Newly formed HCM City Magic Club opens
  • | VNS | December 21, 2017 12:04 PM
The HCM City Magic Club’s 44 magicians, most of whom work for traditional art theatres and circus troupes, will begin performing this week in the city.

The newly formed HCM City Magic Club will begin to stage magic shows this week. - Photo courtesy of the HCM City Circus Theatre

The newly formed club, which is part of the HCM City Centre of Cultural Labour, includes famous magicians such as Tran Dung, Linh Sang, Alibaba Ngo Duc Duy.

“HCM City has nearly 100 magicians but they find it hard to attract crowds. Our club will help them stage and develop their art,” said magician Tran Dinh, the head of the club.

The club will offer training for children and teenagers, while poor students and children from open houses and shelters will receive free courses.

In recent years, the tastes of Vietnamese youth have shifted to Facebook, video games, and cinemas, as well as karaoke clubs, bars and dance halls. Circuses with acrobats and clowns and magic shows have taken a back seat.

Magician Quoc Tung of the HCM City Circus Theatre said that professional magicians work hard, inventing new routines and practicing them for up to 12 hours a day.

"For only a 15-minute performance on stage, we have to sometimes spend more than two years practicing the circus routine," said Duy, who began his career at 17 and has won several prizes at local and international circus festivals.

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