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Singers criticised for signing on auctioned painting
  • |, NLD | October 15, 2018 02:18 PM
Many artists have criticised several local singers who signed their names on a painting which was auctioned in HCM City recently. 

Famous singers Dam Vinh Hung, Le Quyen and Quang Le altogether signed on the painting of artist Hua Thanh Binh which was auctioned at an art event in HCM City for the charitable purpose. 


The singers sign their names on the painting

Artist Siu Quy, vice chairman of HCM City Fine Arts Association, wrote on his Facebook that “Why the singers could sign their names on the picture? Whether they wanted to auction their signatures or not? It is such a shameful conduct”.

Some other artists also expressed their disagreement on the singers’ behaviour, saying that “It is unacceptable, particularly when the auction is for charity. It seems that the picture has turned into their own work.”

The artists’ statuses have then gone viral on the social network, attracting the public comments with many opposing to the singers.

Following the outrage, singer Dam Vinh Hung explained that he and some others joined the art show to call on for money donation to help two artists Mai Phuong and Le Binh to cover their treatment due to illness.

At the event, the painting by Hua Thanh Binh was auctioned to a person who then asked the singers to sign their names there as well as took a picture with him, Hung said. So, the singers agreed, but it turned out to be that the behaviour disturbed the artists.

“On the behalf of the singers, I want to apologise the artist circle for our innocent act, particularly artist Hua Thanh Binh,” Dam Vinh Hung wrote on his Facebook. He also disagreed with the way many people used bad words to insult them.

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