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Science Film Festival 2018 to highlight food revolution
  • | | October 23, 2018 12:04 PM

The Science Film Festival 2018 will take place in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City from 22th October – 23th December focusing on the importance of food consumption and its effects on the environment.

  A poster of the festival. Photo by the Goethe-Institute

The eight edition of this international program with films and fun and learning will consists of 12 short films, numerous side programs with experiments for teachers and students.

The science film festival has been introduced to Vietnam by the Goethe-Institute since 2010. This year’s program is comprised of 12 films from four countries: Indonesia, Germany, USA and England. They were selected from 278 film submissions from international filmmakers, studios and television programs.

According to the organiser, this year's festival has evolved around the topic “Food Revolution”. The term refers to one of the biggest challenges the environment: the industrialisation of agriculture. The world population increases and so does our demand for food. The production of nutritional goods is based on genetic engineering and other ways to increase the productivity of plants and soil. We are facing environmental damage through agricultural emissions, mass-consumption/pollution through farming, as well as the progressive destruction of natural goods and wildlife for the benefit of cultivation.

The organisation of the festivals involves going to schools and offering hand-on-activities to students and model lessons for teachers. For the organisation, 125 volunteers have been prepared and trained. The festival expects to reach 10.000 participants.

The opening ceremony is on October 24th, 2018 at 8.30 am in Thuc Nghiem secondary school with a lot of activities for children and teenagers.

A special program for students and teachers will be the science film activity days at the Goethe-Institute on November 11th and 18th . A digital learning platform will be offered, to create an international discourse on how to integrate STEM into educational structures. Addressing the students, we will screen films and engage everybody both playfully and experimentally with environmental protection through a conscious food consumption.

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