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Fine art exhibition marks Year of Cat
  • | Nhan Dan | March 06, 2011 03:34 PM

Thirty-one lecturers from the Vietnam University of Fine Arts are displaying their best works at an exhibition entitled ‘Beginning a New-year Writing’ at the Viet Art Centre, 42 Yet Kieu Street in Hanoi.

The thirty-six works on show include paintings, installations and wood sculptures showing the creativity, skill and professionalism of the teaching staff.

Speaking at the opening ceremony on March 4, the university’s principal, Le Anh Van, said that the event is dedicated to the Year of Cat, an animal with differing qualities: both gentle and stubborn, tough yet flexible.

Cats are the major theme of many works on display such as the acrylic painting ‘Meo An Ca’ (Cat Eating a Fish) by Diep Quy Hai; ‘Meo Chau A’ (Cats of Asia), a wood-cut print by Vu Dinh Tuan; the oils on canvas ‘Gia Dinh’ (Family) and ‘Doi’ (Couple) by Le Anh Van, and ‘Mo’ (Dreaming) by Dao Nguyen Vu. These works in various materials, lively colours and harmonious composition vividly reflect the complex moods and different postures of the cat, which has always had a close association with humans.

In addition to this common theme, the artists are also fascinated with the country’s landscape and daily life which are featured in ‘Am Thanh Ngay Nang Moi’ (Sound of a New Sunny Day), an acrylic by Tran Xuan Binh; and the two oil paintings ‘Song Da’ (The Da River) by Mai Xuan Oanh and ‘Mot Ngay’ (One Day), by Pham Binh Chuong.

The exhibits also capture springtime and people’s feelings about the lunar New Year holidays as in the wood carving ‘Mam’ (Bud) by Khong Do Tuyen, and the lacquer paintings ‘Canh Dao’ (Peach Blossom) by Le Xuan Dung; ‘Mua Xuan’ (Spring) by Nguyen Van Hien and ‘To Khuc Bon Mua’ (Suite of Four Seasons) by Nguyen The Son.

The exhibition will run until March 14.

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