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The glorious return of overseas Vietnamese singers
  • | VOV | January 25, 2012 08:41 AM

2011 was a successful year for overseas Vietnamese singers on performance tours across the homeland.

The Vietnamese Government’s policies created favourable conditions for them to travel to different parts of the country.

Many of them are well-known to Vietnamese audiences who have easy access of top hits. However, their actual presence in Vietnam is something like breathing new life into the Vietnamese music fans.

Che Linh gives a performance in Hanoi

No wonder overseas singers are welcomed back home as much as local singers are often applauded abroad.

In addition to their love for the homeland, many singers wish to perform where they can draw thundering applause.

The return of overseas singers to Vietnam began in 1994 when Huong Lan had a live show with Quoc Anh, Duc Huy, and Thao My, which was followed by Phi Nhung’s performance in 2000.

Other famous singers such as Che Linh, Tuan Vu, Luu Bich, and Tuan Ngoc have also come back to Vietnam to give live shows in the past two years. They often have a press briefing about their programmes in advance. Even so, many people still have to pay high prices for tickets on the black market.

In 2011, Nguyen Hung inspired the audience with his first live show entitled “Love and Dance” in Vietnam, while Tuan Vu also attracted huge audiences to his two live shows in August and October the same year.

No matter what kind of music is being performed, all live shows have been well orchestrated by overseas artists.

Lynda Trang Dai, a Vietnamese singer from the US, once said her greatest wish is to win the respect and applause of her fans.

Tuan Ngoc, said he really felt happy when his dream of having a live show in the Hanoi Opera House finally come true.

“I was so thrilled to be in Hanoi because I thought I would never have the chance to come back to the city,” he said, “If my mother were still alive, she would have been very proud”.

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