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Ngoc Dai stirs up controversy with lyrically explicit new CD
  • By Nguyen Hang | | May 09, 2013 10:07 AM

The newly-released CD by musician Ngoc Dai will be withdrawn by the cultural management board for having sexual lyrics while the musician said that he was not shocked by this news.

 Ngoc Dai knew he wouldn't be able to get a permit

In the nine songs performed by Ngoc Dai on his Thang Mo 1 (The Village Herald 1) CD, there are some songs that immediately received attention because of their names such as 'Discount sex', 'Vagina 8x'. The album also includes lyrics such as 'let's f*ck'.

According to the musician, these are the most suitable and unique names for the songs.

However, Ngoc Dai said the CD content is not that vulgar and people should listen the whole song to understand the meaning behind the lyrics.

"Words that are being condemned, are actually used on a daily basis. They're quite artistic if you really think about it. I'm into Nguyen Dinh Chinh's poems and like to turn his poems into music because his works are very close to our lives." he said.

The eccentric musician said he did not pressure anybody into listening to his music and released 1,000 copies without getting a permit. "I didn't seek a permit because I knew I would never get one. So I did all the work myself."

On May 7, Pham Dinh Thang, Deputy Director of the Department of Performing Arts said if what has been reported by the press was real then they would definitely refuse to grant permit to Ngoc Dai.

"If the CD is for personal use then we don't have anything to say but it was distributed so Ngoc Dai violated our regulations. We will announce our decisions after reviewing the CD," Thang said.

In addition, the department will also ask the departments of culture, sports and tourism to withdraw the released CDs.

Ngoc Dai is Vietnam’s most eccentric musician with famous songs such as Nhat Thuc (Eclipse) and Det Tam Gai (Weaving Starwort). The Dai-Lam-Linh music project he collaborated with singer Thanh Lam and Linh Dung also became a controversial topic when it was released.

"Ngoc Dai's style is quite different and I was the one who gave permit for his Dai-Lam-Linh show because of its creativity and experimental but arts must also have aesthetics," Thang said.

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