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“Viet World Wide” makes a hit with Vietnamese overseas
  • | VOV | July 14, 2014 10:18 PM

Three overseas Vietnamese have conveyed their love of homeland through a rap song "Viet World Wide” which has been written in English, German and Vietnamese.

The song, performed by three young Vietnamese overseas nicknamed Lee7, Fawng Daw and TwoTee, has received the enthusiastic support of the youth in the country and abroad.

Here is part of Vietnamese version that carrying great message of expatriates who are proud to be Vietnamese:

“I was not born here, but I grew along day by day

I am a true Vietnamese, yellow skin, black hair, with residence papers for the West

The thing I learned when I came over here was to grind around the clock no matter the weather

Mom (Vietnam) you taught me to stand up tall even empty handed

“Believe me, my dear child. That’s how Momma Vietnam rolls”

Mom, I miss your voice, I miss your street corners

And I thank you for giving me this bloodline and these brown eyes of yours

In order to get here today, I could not forget the place I came from

And Vietnam, I just want to tell you that you still have this son

And Vietnam, red blood, yellow skin, I’m prepared to leave everything behind to come home with you tonight

15 years, a long journey

And my heart has never stopped beating for you

So please don’t call me a Viet Kieu or someone who lost his roots

Just call me Vietnamese like you used to

Because after all, we will always and forever belong to one people”.

The clip can be watched at:

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