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Miss Ocean Vietnam 2017 requested to return crown
  • By Ha Tung Long | | January 12, 2018 04:39 PM
 >>  Miss Ocean Vietnam organisers fined VND4m after plastic surgery dispute
 >>  Miss Ocean Vietnam accused of plastic surgery

The organiser of Miss Ocean Vietnam 2017 has been requested to withdraw the crown of contest winner Le Au Ngan Anh due to her plastic surgery.

Head of the Department of Performing Arts Nguyen Quang Vinh on January 11 signed a document which was sent to the contest organiser, Vo Viet Chung International Ltd. Co.


Miss Ocean Vietnam 2017 Le Au Ngan Anh 

In the document, the department ordered the organiser to strictly conform to their pledged responsibility when holding the pageant and remove Le Au Ngan Anh as the winner as she failed to meet the requirements to participate in the event.

Following the inspection from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Vo Viet Chung, the director of the organiser, admitted responsibility and said that they made mistake when letting Ngan Anh, who had had plastic surgery, enter the contest.

The firm was fined VND4 million (USD176) for letting her participate in the beauty pageant.

Le Au Ngan Anh beat 33 contestants to win the crown on October 28. However, she has faced a mixed reception. There are accusations that she had her entire face redone with cosmetic surgery, including her eyelids, teeth, nose and lips before the contest. She denied the lip filling accusation. She admitted that she had a nose implant a few years ago, however, she said she had removed the cartilage graft when she decided to enter the contest.

 According to Le Minh Tuan, Deputy Head of Department of Performing Arts, the department would consider whether to license Vo Viet Chung International Ltd. Co. to hold other beauty contests.

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