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Firework display to kick start Nha Trang sea festival
  • |, TTX | May 09, 2019 04:25 PM
A series of cultural and sports activities will be held at the 2019 Nha Trang-Khanh Hoa Sea Festival which will kick off on May 10 in the central coastal province of Khanh Hoa.

A firework display in Nha Trang City. Photo by Dautu

The three-day event, designed to kick-start National Tourism Year 2019, will feature nearly 50 cultural and art performances, sports competitions and commercial and scientific workshops which will mainly in Nha Trang City.

The programme aims to introduce the traditional and contemporary cultural values of Khanh Hoa Province – the so-called land of agarwood and sea of Salangane birds – and the south-central coast.

A fishing festival will also be held, along with a Salangane nest festival, folk games and traditional human chess tournaments typical of the region.

There will also be modern art shows such as the Sac Bien (Sea Colour) exhibition, a children’s painting contest, a world music festival and a street dance performance.

The festival maintains gymnastic and sporting activities that attract tourists, such as a sea swimming contest, beach volleyball and a beach football tournament.

Other sports competitions will also be held for the first time at the festival including the Muay club national championship and a bodybuilding contest for male and female competitors.

This year, the festival will host a series of commercial and scientific events including the Trade Fair for Vietnamese Goods, an international scientific conference on sustainable development for Vietnamese Salangane nests and a national conference on vocational training for tourism.

The opening ceremony will take place with a firework display at the April 2 Square in Nha Trang City on the evening of May 10.

The festival has been held every two years since 2003 to promote tourism and lure investment.

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