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Music academy rejects ties with convicted UK paedophile
  • | | May 13, 2019 04:48 PM
Deputy Director of the Vietnam National Academy of Music, Bui Cong Duy, has just claimed that the British trombonist Christopher Trinnaman is not working at the academy.

British trombonist Christopher Trinnaman plays in an orchestra in Vietnam. Photo by Mirror

Speaking with Dantri/Dtinews Newspaper on May 13, Duy said that Trinnaman plays for a private orchestra who hire a room at the academy to work.

"The orchestra had also performed at the academy and some other stages," he said.

When being asked about a photo posted on The Mirror on Sunday in which Trinnaman posed with some Vietnamese children at the academy, the official confirmed that the photo was taken at the academy.

"But this does not mean that he works for the academy," he said.

On Sunday, the Mirror published an article about Christopher Trinnaman, saying that the 41-year-old convicted paedophile who was released in 2015 now lived and worked in Vietnam.

Christopher Trinnaman posing with some children in Vietnam. Photo by Mirror

Mirror also posted a photo of Trinnaman surrounded by kids.

The newspaper quoted British authorities as saying that the sex offender was living unchecked in Vietnam – and had done nothing wrong by going there.

But one of his victims slammed the photograph posted on Facebook just before Christmas, as “disgusting” and said: “It’s appalling. Why was he allowed to travel abroad? He’s a very manipulative man who is a danger to children. I will always ­remember what he did to me, it will always stay with me,” the article wrote.

A spokeswoman for Trinnaman’s former orchestra employer told The Mirror that Christopher Trinnaman used to work at the Sun Symphony Orchestra as an ­associate principal trombone.

“On April 23, due to personal reasons, Mr Trinnaman resigned from the position and terminated the labour contract with Sun Symphony Orchestra," she said to the newspaper.

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