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Salary, bonus to double for sportsmen since July
  • | Tuoi Tre | June 08, 2011 04:36 PM

Salary and bonus to coaches and athletes in Vietnam will almost double as of July after deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan has recently signed a decision to honor elite sportsmen in the nation.

Vietnamese wushu fighter Thuy Linh

Since July 22, Vietnamese government will pay VND300,000 (USD14.6) a day to each head coach of Vietnam’s national teams, and VND200,000 (USD9.7) to assistant coaches and trainers of youth teams.

Players of national teams will be paid each VND150,000 (USD7.28) a day. Athletes of youth teams are to get VND120,000 (USD5.82) each a day.

As for bonus, a gold medalist at Olympic Games will enjoy highest reward of VND160 million (USD7,800). Silver and bronze winners are to receive VND80 million (USD3,883) and VND60 million (USD2,912) respectively.

At Asian Games, the bonus rate will be VND70 million (USD3,400), VND35 million (USD1,699) and VND30 million (USD1,456) for gold, silver and bronze winners respectively.

It will be VND45 million (USD2,200), VND25 million (USD1,213) and VND20 million (USD970) for winners at Southeast Asian Games.

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