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VFF vows to deal with illegal entry into stadium
  • | laodong, | November 20, 2018 06:12 PM
The Vietnamese Football Federation said a security guard at My Dinh Stadium in Hanoi had been fired for letting fans without tickets climb the fence into the stadium.


Guard let fan get in the stadium without ticket

A group of men had co-operated with the security team to let fans without tickets get inside the stadium during the match between Vietnam and Malaysia on November 16. The fans had to pay VND300,000 each for the group. It is said that such activities have been going on for years.

Le Hoai Anh, secretary of the VFF, said, "We'll work with the security firm and the guards must be strictly punished."

VFF leaders, Hanoi police, representatives of My Dinh Stadium and KTC Security Company discussed the problem on November 19. KTC admitted that one of the guards let some people in when the second half of the match started. The guard has been sacked.

The match organisers said they recognised the efforts from all parties and said it was the actions of a single security team member.

Hanoi police will have plans to detect banned objects for the Vietnam-Cambodia match at Hang Day Stadium on November 24. The organisers will use loudspeakers and leaflets to direct people to their seats.

The public are advised to go to the stadium early to avoid congestion and stop using flares.

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