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Fans flock to VFF headquarters for match ticket protest
  • | | November 28, 2018 04:58 PM
Hundreds of Vietnamese fans gathered at the office of the Vietnamese Football Federation (VFF) to complain about the sale of tickets for the AFF Cup home leg semi-final against the Philippines.


Fans gather at VFF's office on November 28 to ask about the sale of the AFF Cup home leg semi-final against the Philippines.

The VFF previously sold tickets for the earlier matches through public bodies, online registration and in person at the stadium. After a negative reaction about ticket touts, all tickets were sold online.

The tickets were sold at 10 am on November 28. However, after just a few minutes, the website crashed and it was announced that all tickets have been sold out. Many fans found it hard to accept that 25,000 tickets could be sold so quickly, especially when many people couldn't even access the site.

Many fans arrived at VFF's headquarters hoping to buy tickets but they were told that all the tickets had already been sold. Hundreds of fans protested at the way the tickets had gone on sale.

Nguyen Phu Loi, owner of an internet shop in Nam Tu Liem District, said, "I have 40 computers with great internet connection. Many people were in my shop from 7 am to wait for the tickets to go online but no one in my shop could access the site or buy tickets. At 10.03 am, the tickets were said to be sold out. I hoped to be able to find some tickets at VFF's headquarters."

Dung, from Tay Ho District went to VFF's headquarter to buy tickets in person as he said he was too old to use a computer.

"My children couldn't buy tickets online for me. I love football and I want to go to cheer for our team," he said.

The police were sent to VFF to ensure public order and Vietnamese football’s governing body has failed to issue a statement on the issue.

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