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Hanoi Formula 1 track’s stands temporarily dismantled
  • By Toan Vu | | March 25, 2020 04:53 PM
Stands for the Formula 1 track in Hanoi have been removed after Hanoi announced the cancellation of the race due to Covid-19.

On March 13, Hanoi and Vietnam Grand Prix Limited Liability Company decided to halt the event although the entire 5.6-km racetrack had been completed after the 11-month construction process.

The organisers will keep a closed watch on Covid-19 situation to select the most suitable time to hold the race which was initially scheduled to take place in April this year.



The stand area set up along Le Duc Tho Street is being dismantled.



A representative from Vietnam Grand Prix Limited Liability Company said that after being removed, the equipment will be stored carefully. 

The racetrack with 23 corners, designed by German firm Tilke and the Formula 1 Group, covers 88 hectares. It has nine stands named after Vietnam’s largest cities.

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