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Talks over Vietnamese defender release continues
  • | | June 30, 2020 11:15 AM
Hanoi Football Club has said that they can support the Dutch SC Heerenveen FC to pay Vietnamese defender Doan Van Hau if his contract continues.


Doan Van Hau at SC Heerenveen FC

Due to Covid-19, SC Heerenveen FC will say goodbye to seven players and team manager Herman van Dijkone whose contracts expire on June 30. Doan Van Hau, whose contract expires on the same day, is not in the list as talk continues.

Hanoi FC, which loaned the player to SC Heerenveen FC, said they were willing to support the Dutch club pay Hau but only if Hau would benefit from the loan.

Do Vinh Quang, chairman of Hanoi FC said, "We understand SC Heerenveen's situation and are willing to create favourable conditions and even help pay Hau's salary. But if the club can't provide a specific development plan to remain at SC Heerenveen rather commercial reasons and if that is the case then he should come home."

According to Quang, finance is not a problem but they hoped that Hau could prove his abilities and become the first Vietnamese player to stay in the EU.

"We want to prove that Vietnamese players are approaching the level of South Korean and Japanese players. With our determination and love from the fans, Vietnam could prove its position in Asia," Quang said.

He continued to say that each player's development needs support form their own clubs and Hanoi FC wanted to help Hau shine in the EU.

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