Holidays are no vacation for some students
  • | Vietnamplus, | May 05, 2011 02:10 PM

While the majority of university students joined their families to celebrate holidays, some had to work to earn a living.

Working over the holidays

Even though there is no school for four days during the long weekend of National Reunification Day and May Day, many students use the time off to do part-time jobs in order to earn money.

Working to feed themselves

Thu, a student of the Hanoi National University of Education, shared, “I cannot return to my hometown because I have to work to cover my living costs. My parents are able to give me VND500,000 (USD23.88) this month, but it’s just not enough. So this year I’ll stay in Hanoi to work so I can pay my expenses and keep up my tutoring class.”

Another student, Hoa, who studies business administrations said, “Of course I’d like to reunite with my family for the holidays, but my financial situation just doesn’t allow it.” She works part-time at a cafe on Hoang Quoc Viet.

Any time that she can spend working represents an extra bit of money that her parents can use to support her younger siblings back home.

Striving for a better future

Two students from the Academy of Journalism and Communications, Trang and Thuy, found work cleaning offices.

Trang commented, “I find it very hard to do this kind of work. It’s hard on my back, but, since I have no choice, I try very hard to do a good job. I hope in the future things will get better.”

Thuy said, “I’m familiar with hard work. I used to help my parents with farm work. The best I can do is try not to let this job take a toll on my studies.”

Stuck under an iceberg

Phuong, a third-year student of the Hanoi National University of Education: “The situation honestly makes me sad. When I get home from work and sit in an empty room, I think about my friends who are home with their families, seeing their friends. It makes me feel disconnected, like a black sheep”

Though Van has been studying for three years in Hanoi, she says she’s still homesick. “My parents have to work a long way from home too. That means my little brother, who’s in the tenth grade, is home by himself. I would have liked to go and see him, but I feel obligated to help my parents out financially.”

Hoa, another working student, said, “If I went back home, I could see my friends and my family. But I can’t this year. Maybe next year will be better for me.”

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