Tet flowers and kumquat likely to be expensive because of weather
  • By Thanh Xuan-Viet Hao | | December 21, 2011 03:07 PM
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The price of flowers and kumquat trees are expected to increase this Lunar New Year or Tet due to unfavourable weather.

The colour of kumquats expected to be less attractive

According to kumquat growers in Nhat Tao Village, Dong Ngac Commune, Hanoi, the weather this year has not been good for their crops. The kumquats are smaller than previous years and their colour is less attractive. 

Phung Van Su, said heavy rains destroyed about ten kumquat trees, adding that many families even lost entire orchards of up to 400-500 trees.

Costs for growing kumquat trees have doubled from last year, excluding fertilizer and pesticide. If the cold weather continues it could have a serious impact on kumquat growers, which would in turn raise the price by approximately 20-30% from every year.

Flower growers in Tay Tuu Commune are also being affected by the extended cold. Lilies are one of the only flowers that can withstand such weather. 

Nguyen Van Ngoc, owner of a flower garden in Tay Tuu said, “It takes great effort to grow nice flowers. At this time last year, new buds were already appearing. This year, they have not come yet.” 

The price of flowers is also likely to be higher for Tet than they were last year. Seedling trees, especially, may be 30% more than they were during the previous holiday season. Wholesale prices for a high quality rose could reach VND10,000-15,000 (USD0.47-0.71), while lilies might cost VND35,000-40,000 (USD1.66-1.9) compared to the normal price of just VND30,000-70,000 for a bunch.

Heavy rains have also affected flowers growing in Danang.  

Nguyen Quang Phung, owner of a flower garden at Hoa Cuong Ward, Hai Chau District, said, “To prepare for Tet, I grew over 1,200 pots of daisies, but rain destroyed 500 of them.”

Chien, a flower grower on 30-4 Street, Hai Chau District, said that flower prices this year could be 150% higher than last year. 

Flower prices to increase this Tet

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