Sexy ads draw fire but sell products
  • By H.K | | April 17, 2012 11:00 AM

Some of the biggest names in the world  of Vietnamese showbiz have been the recent subjects of criticism for their appearance in racy commercials.


Tra Ngoc Hang in the advertisement for Chewy Junior 

The latest controversy surrounded an advertisement with model Tra Ngoc Hang, who is no stranger to such 'scandals', where she appeared alongside singer Don Nguyen and actor Chan Than San. The 79-second commercial was for Chewy Junior cake. The ad featured a massage scene that was much too 'hot' for the tastes of many viewers. Nonetheless, the video attracted thousands of views and comments, most of which expressed disappointment in the behavior of the three celebrities, calling it a disgrace to the image of Vietnamese culture.

Some even called for a boycott of the product.

In response to these negative reactions, Tra Ngoc Hang said that she was taking orders from the director and did not understand how the final product could be edited the way it was.

In another advertisement for a soft drink released in February, three models Hoang Yen, Yen Trang and Ngoc Trinh poured the drink down their body and licked the bottle neck. They were also widely criticised, and they too blamed the producers.


The advertisement for a soft drink for which Hoang Yen, Yen Trang and Ngoc Trinh got criticism

Mai Phuong Thuy, Miss Vietnam 2006, appeared in a clip for Rejoice shampoo, where she played a young girl coming to visit her boyfriend’s parents for the first time. The boy's mother was impressed with the smoothness of her hair, and said, "You must have just gone to the salon."

Many viewers thought that her curt response, "No, only Rejoice,” was extremely impolite, and that Miss Vietnam should never have taken a role like that.

Thu Huong, Chief of the marketing department of a media company, said that having celebrities in advertisements is nothing new, and it has proven very effective in selling products.

“These days the media is saturated with advertisements. We have to look for innovative ways to attract attention. This has led to a race between marketers to come up with creative ideas that sometimes challenge the public's view of what is proper,” Huong said.

Huong admitted that these shocking commercials, despite the negative reaction, can be beneficial, causing people to remember the product.

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