Danang dumping ground provides a living for the poor
  • By Nguyen Tuan | | May 29, 2012 04:20 PM

Hundreds of people dig around Danang’s biggest dumping ground to find goods that can be resold.


 About 200 people come to Khanh Son rubbish dump everyday

The 50 hectare Khanh Son rubbish dump in Lien Chieu District receive 6,500 tonnes of rubbish daily, with hundreds of poor people willing to search the junk for re-sellable goods.

The work usually starts at 7 am until 11:30 am for lunch at a makeshift awning nearby. But if a rubbish truck appears, they scavengers are happy enough to forgo their meals, grab baskets and hoes and run to the truck with hope they will be the first to find valuable items.

Despite the stench and troops of dung-flies, these people hardly miss a day’s work.

"This job let me pay for family and means I can send my children to school," one rubbish dump worker said.

Most of the scavengers here were workers in the Hoa Khanh Industrial Zone, but they are now unemployed, having been pensioned off. Others have been searching the dump for nearly 20 years or even longer.

It may be hard work and provide little in the way of income but none of the people here are considering quitting because of the difference it makes to their family’s living conditions.

People searching for scrap metal



People work under harsh conditions


People run to the rubbish truck


Amateur scavenger is picking through rubbish


A professional at work


Rubbish provides much needed cash


The rubbish dump refreshment tent



Despite the flies, they still enjoy their lunch


Some people have spent half their lives at the dumping ground

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