Special tattoos pose health risks
  • | Lao Dong, dtinews | December 11, 2012 12:10 PM
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Tattooing has become a more popular trend among Hanoi's youth, while many this country remain unaware of the health risks.


Tattooing has become a more popular trend among Hanoi's youth 

One particular trend among young people has been luminescent tattoos, which only show up under black light, so they can be seen at bars and nightclubs, but not at home. 

A luminescent tattoo costs up to VND2-3 million (USD95.2-142.8) compared to just VND500,000 (USD23.8) of an ordinary one. The Chinese UV ink is cheap but it is easier to fade than that made in Thailand, Japan and Malaysia with higher prices.

For one unique style of tattooing a sparrow bone is used as a needle, with ink containing breast milk. This type of tattoo is invisible until the person drinks alcohol, when it will show up as pink.

Not only does the needle itself pose a danger if the artist reuses them, but the ink can be dangerous as well. Dermatologists have linked various skin diseases, including cancer, with the ink used in some inks. Hepatitis B and HIV can be spread by ink using breast milk.

Even though many local beauty shops offer tattoo removal services, most are not qualified, leaving behind the not only the tattoo, but pain to the client. 

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