Gold-plated roses and imported flowers sell well on Valentine's Day
  • | VietnamNet, dtinews | February 14, 2013 07:50 PM

Many men in Vietnam have proved willing to spend millions of VND to buy special flowers for their women on Valentine’s Day, including imported flowers and gilded roses.


This year, Valentine’s Day coincided with the Tet holiday period, pushing prices even higher. At florists in Hanoi such as Kim Lien Street and Hom Market, a bunch of lilies cost around VND500,000 (USD23.8), a bunch of Cymbidium Orchids reached up to VND1 million (USD47.6) compared to VND400,000-600,000 (USD19-28.5) on normal days. While even basic roses are costing VND80,000-VND100,000 (USD3.8-4.76).

Some have spent millions of VND to buy imported flowers as an impressive gift for their girlfriend.

A green or seven coloured rose imported from Ecuador was sold at VND500,000. A florist that sells imported flowers said despite the high prices, she had received more than 200 orders for roses on Valentine’s Day, half of whom had ordered seven-colour roses.

She added that each bunch of imported flowers could cost VND3 million (USD142.8) but they were still attracting many customers.

Gold-plated roses prove attractive with customers

Despite being sold in Vietnam for 2-3 years, gilded roses remain attractive to customers on Valentine’s Day.


The roses are 8 cm long, 9 cm wide and 5.5 cm high and 7.25 grams and are plated with 24K gold.

Gold plated roses cost VND600,000 or even higher. Despite of the warning about fake gilded roses, many people remain happy to buy them.

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