Overcrowded Hanoi maintains trees
  • | VietnamNet, dtinews | April 17, 2013 09:53 AM

While the demand for retail space continuously increases, some shops have gone so far as to incorporate living trees into their premises.

As these retail outlets creep to occupy public space, shop owners seem reluctant to cut down the trees.


A longan tree sits in the middle of a pharmacy on Tran Huy Lieu Street in Ba Dinh District. This is the area encroached by households on the ground floor of the building many years ago.


An old nacre tree can be found in a cafe in Nam Dong Market, Dong Da District since the market was established. The tree was managed by Hanoi Green Tree Park Company

An tree in front of a wedding service shop on Dang Van Ngu Street


A wooden door is used to hide a tree trunk in the middle of the shop



Two trees in a cafe in Ly Thuong Kiet Street. The owner said when it is rains, water flows onto the floor



An unlicensed kiosk at Nam Dong residential area with its trunk encroaching the kiosk’s rest room



An ice cream shop on Tran Hung Dao Street


A soup shop on Tran Binh Trong Street

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