Ministry proposes withdrawing controversial vehicle ownership and helmet rules
  • By Quynh Anh | | July 24, 2013 03:52 PM
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The controversial punishments for the non-transfer of vehicle ownership and wearing substandard helmets have not been included in the latest regulation on the issue.


Ministry of Transport proposes removing controversial punishments over substandard helmets and vehicle ownership

The Ministry of Transport (MoT) has just announced the sixth draft of Decree 71 on administrative punishments over road and railway violations.

While the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Public Security have decided to stand firm on the controversial punishments, the MoT did not include the fines to the draft regulation as it claimed they were infeasible.

In the previous draft of Decree 71, a fine from VND800,000 to VND1.2 million (USD38-USD57) was proposed for not transferring ownership of motorbikes and a fine of between VND6 and VND10 million (USD285.20-USD475.37) for cars.

The Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Justice supported the punishments but the MoT removed the fines due to opposition from the majority of the public.

Hoang The Lien, Deputy Minister of Justice, who is also chairman of the appraisal council for the amended Decree 71, said, “It’s necessary to apply strict fines for serious violations that affect traffic safety and cause traffic accidents.”

He, however, proposed that due attention should also be paid to the level of fines and when the regulation would take effect.

“I think that helmet producers and market watchdogs should be held accountable for substandard products instead of consumers,” he commented.

Nguyen Van Thuan, Director of the MoT’s Traffic Safety Department said, “The MoT has received ideas from the Ministry of Justice and is making an explanation to the Ministry of Justice concerning the removed proposals.”

Thuan added that it would be unfair to fine those who wear substandard helmets, so the punishment was removed from the sixth draft of Decree 71.

“Those who don’t wear helmet or wear helmets without fastening the chin strap would be still fined under the current regulations,” he noted.

The draft regulation also proposes a fine of between VND7 and VND8 million (USD332.76-USD380.3) for those who are found with high blood alcohol level while driving.

A fine of  from VND3 to VND5 million (USD142.6-USD237.7) for individuals and VND6 to VND10 million (USD285.20-USD475.40) for organisations that trade in transportation services but do not install regulating equipment to track the vehicles' journeys.

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