Peugeot bicycles become popular and expensive
  • | dspl, | January 10, 2014 10:45 AM

Even though bicycles have become less popular these days, many Hanoians have started to collect vintage bicycles just for love and nostalgia.

Tien Dung, a member of Hanoi Bicycle Club, and a passionate bicycle lover, owns one a rare Peugeot 1951 bicycle, which he found after a long search in the south of France three years ago. At that time, another bicycle lover even asked Dung to exchange the bike for a Honda SH motorbike, which cost about VND100 million (USD4,800). However, Dung refused.

Dung's Peugeot 1951 bicycle 

According to Dung, the gears and 40-year-old tires are still in good condition. The tires are said to be as expensive as the tires of a Lexus. Even the generator and lighting system still work.

The tires are said to be as expensive as those on an expensive car

Generator-based lighting system

He keeps the bicycle in rooms that have air-conditioning to protect it from the humid tropical climate. "If it rains suddenly, I might get soaked but this bike cannot," he said.

Bike looks almost new

Hand pump still works

Nguyen Viet Huong, another collector, said such bicycles were mostly brought back from France and the cheapest one from her collection is worth VND30 million. Some people are willing to pay up to VND85 million.

Huong displaying her bike collection at her coffee shop

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