Vietnamese boats fish in Paracels despite Chinese ban
  • | Plo, | January 14, 2014 07:43 AM
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Many Vietnamese fishermen in the central region have continued their fishing routes to the Paracel archipelagos despite the recent ban from Chinese authorities.

Chinese authorities have recently issued a regulation that foreign fishing ships would be driven away, fined, and their equipment confiscated if caught operating in the East Sea.

However, many Vietnamese fishermen from Danang continue their work in the area, as they believe that is their national territory.

“We’re a bit worried, but not too afraid, as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam as well as several other countries have raised objections. We still continue to fish in the Hoang Sa or Paracel archipelagos as this is our national territory,” Nguyen Xuan Cuong, from An Hai Bac Ward of Danang City, said on January 11.


Captain Nguyen Xuan Cuong ready to embark

Cuong is the captain of a fishing ship with an 11-member crew.

According to him, the same day over 100 fishing ships from central fishermen left Tho Quang port in Danang.

“Our route usually takes from 10 to 15 days. We may plan another journey after Tet holiday. This is the season for cuttle-fish that help bring about considerable profits,” he added.

Nguyen Cong Hoan, from Bao Ninh, Quang Binh Province, is the captain of another fishing boat. He said, “Chinese regulations are irrational. We often encounter several Chinese patrol and fishing ships. Sometimes, they take photos and film while we’re fishing,” Hoan said.

He said he would continue to fish in the sea identified as within Vietnamese waters, including those around the Spratly and Paracel archipelagos.

“We love the sea. It's our source of income, food and fuels our children’s studies. If we stop going out, it would mean that it was no longer our territory and then Chinese ships would take it. We’ll continue go out, despite the challenges,” he added.

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