Fans support model for endorsing planned pregnancy
  • | laodong, | February 07, 2014 02:27 PM

Popular model Ha Anh received supportive comments after sharing her opinion on Facebook that women should say no to having children if they are not ready.


Ha Anh's facebook

Vietnamese women often follow advice and requests from family members to have children even though they do not want to. Apparently Ha Anh has witnessed enough of these cases to prompt her to weigh in on the matter in the form of a post.

She wrote, "People I know have been pushed into having children, and now my friends and sisters are also feeling the pressure. I'm not ready yet and I'm not worried. I haven't found a man that made me feel like he would be a good husband for me and father to my children. Moreover, I still feel so childish. Currently, I'm excited with projects and my future, so I can't image how I could spend all my time taking care of children.

"Don't you think that I want to have children? I love them so much that I broke up with a man I love because he said he might not want to have kids. Our agendas were not the same. What I want to say is we have maternal instincts and hope that we can hold our little angels, but raising children these days is not a simple thing. As long as we are not ready both physically and mentally then let's say no.

"Don't give birth because others put pressure on you. Our fate is not to be baby-making machines. Our fates are in our hands and we can only be happy when we know how to make ourselves happy."

The post quickly received attention and support from readers. Many of her fans say that, if parents are not ready and cannot provide the proper conditions for a child, they are bringing on suffering for themselves and their children.

A fan named Thanh Huyen Bui said, "My first child is three years old, and I would say to anyone urging me to have a second child they can take on the burden. I don't know if my life would be easier or not, but without enough money we would be in a very difficult situation."

Another fan agreed, "True, people are also urging me to have more kids. I personally think they are crazy, as if they knew what was best for others and their health."

After receiving so much support, Ha Anh thanked her fans and reaffirmed her solution, "Let's all scream out 'We are not baby-making machines'."

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