Lawyer: lawsuit over sunken fishing boat a possibility
  • By Nguyen Hien | | May 29, 2014 02:44 PM
 >>  Vietnam Fisheries Society demands compensation for sunken ship
 >>  Chinese ship sinks Vietnamese fishing vessel

Lawyer Truong Trong Nghia, an NA deputy from HCM City, said companies and individuals would be within their rights to start a civil lawsuit against China over the sunken fishing boat.

 Lawyer Truong Trong Nghia

According to Nghia, the Vietnamese boat was within Vietnamese waters when it was attacked, so Vietnam has the right to arrest and prosecute offenders involved in the incident. The series of clashes on the East Sea has been carried out, not only on the diplomatic level, but also on the level of owners of private vessels.

Has Vietnam ever arrested or prosecuted any crew from foreign vessels for incurring Vietnamese waters?

I have never heard of such case.

Do you think it's wise to sue China in such tense time?

China has illegally occupied Hoang Sa Island. Vietnam is responsible for carrying out legal fights to reclaim our sovereignty. The appearance of the Chinese oil rig on Vietnamese seas is not a small matter, be it between nations or private organisations.

However, Chinese fishing ships have deliberately clashed with Vietnamese fishing boats. These acts, which could lead to possible fatalities and the destruction of property. Whether it is civil or military, Vietnam would have the right to bring such a case to court to obtain justice.

Can video evidence be used against China in court?

If we have proper evidence, we can bring it to court.

Danang Fisheries Society said they will demand compensation of USD240,000 from China. In your opinion, how should the process be started?

Specialised lawyers would be needed to prosecute such a case. As I said, we would be able to bring it to civil court under normal circumstances. All we need is evidence.

Is it necessary to look into the option of bringing these cases to cour at different levels?

The current concerns over the East Sea issue concern both nations as well as foreign firms and governments. This is the reason we must carefully consider each move before taking action.

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